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Well Application ID: 715 Created user: H2O  
Well Registration Number: 40215-0004 Paid Fee: Yes  
Well Description: Lake Whitney Estates-Lakeshore Water System State Well Number: 3261903  
Approval Status: Approved      
Approval Date: 2011-06-24      
Deposit Expiration Date: Number of Remaining Extension: 2  
Miscellaneous Note:  

Well Status

Well New/Existing Status: Existing Application Date: 2011-06-24  
Well Exemption Status: Non-Exempt          

Well Owner Information

Well Owner: Hilco United H2O Well Owner Phone: (254) 694-5237  
Contact Mailing Address: P.O. Box 26 Contact: Tommy Bradley  
Contact Fax: 254-694-4062  
Contact Email:  
Contact City: Itasca Contact State: TX Contact Zip: 76055  


Registrant: Hilco United H2O Registrant Phone: (254) 694-5237  
Registrant Address: P.O. Box 26 Registrant Fax: 254-694-4062  
Registrant Email:  
Registrant city: Itasca Registrant State: TX Registrant Zip: 76055  

Property Owner

Property Owner: Hilco United H2O Property Owner Phone: (254) 694-5237  
P.O. Box 26      
Property Owner City: Itasca Property Owner State: TX Property Owner Zip: 76055  

Drilling Information

Drilling Company: Meadows & Sons      
Driller Name: J. Meadows      
Drilling Report: View uploaded file Date Uploaded: 2019-03-28  
Driller License Number: 1494 Driller License Exp Date:  
Drilling Company Phone: Drilling Company Fax:  
Drilling Company Address: 724 W 3rd Drilling Company Email:  
Drilling Company City: McGregor Drilling Company State: TX Drilling Company Zip:  

Well Info

Date Drilled: 1980-09-17 Well Latitude: 32.008500  
Drill Date Estimate Y/N: No Well Longitude: -97.382887  
Well Site Address: 132-154 Oak Run GPS Manufacturer: GNSS Trimble  
GPS Model: R1  
Is Replacement Well: No      
Well Site City: Whitney Well Site State: TX Well Site Zip: 76692  

GW Info

Total number of acres of the property: The property has been platted:  
Meet 2 acres minimum tract size: Meet Spacing Requirements:  
Allow Tract Size Exception: Allow Spacing Exception: No  
No GW Different Location:  
Is GW Transported Outside District: No GW Different Location Use Description:  
Old Well Status: TransportedOutsideDistrictExplanation:  
    Old Well Status Explanation:  

Use Info

Primary Use: Municipal / Public Water System    
Secondary Use: Monitoring    
Other Use:    


Use Domestic: No Use OG Rig Activity: No  
Use Livestock: No Use Surface Impoundment: No  
Use Commercial: No Use Agriculture: No  
Use Sole Rig Activity: No Use Poultry: No  
Use Sole Rig Activity Owner Hold Permit: No Use Leachate: No  
Use Municipal: Yes Use Monitoring: Yes  
Use Industrial: No Use Piezometer: No  
Use Golf: No Use Other:  

More Well Info

Total Well Depth Feet: 1183.00 Depth To First Screen Feet: 1075.00  
Inside Diameter Casing Inches: 7.00 Pump Motor Size HP: 50.00  
Max Production Capacity GPM: 83.00 Number of Service Connections: 483  
Number Of Individuals Well Services: 1449 Number of Days Out of Year Well is in Service: 365  
Is Well Report Deposit Attached Y/N: No Water Well Closure Plan Attached Y/N: No  
Certification Print Name: Is New Well Registration Fee Attached Y/N: No  
Certification Signature: User Last Edit:  
Certification Date: Date Time Last Edit: