PUBLIC NOTICE: In a public meeting on September 16, 2019, the Prairielands GCD Board of Directors voted to extend the Historic Use Permit Application Deadline to November 1, 2019. Click here to view the amended Historic Use Permit Application.

Welcome to the Prairielands Groundwater District well registration application. This website was created to assist well owners register and manage their well(s) efficiently. Before you begin to register your well(s), you may wish to locate your well drillers report to assist in completing the information on this form. Afterwards, you may return to this website anytime to use the mapping tools provided or register another well. Later, you will be able to use this system to report usage and make payments as required by the District. Thank you and please contact the District office with any questions (817)556-2299.

If you do not feel with confidence that you can locate your well to an accuracy of less than 50 feet, please call the Prairielands District Office to arrange for a staff member to come to the well site and GPS the well.

Tools available for Public: